Ah The First Saturday of May

Will Baffert be walking like an Egyptian come next Saturday?  Not only does he have the overwhelming favorite to win but his second horse might be the choice to triumph should the first not be able to go.  This is the state of affairs as the first Saturday of May rolls around.  Apex Horse Betting begins it’s check in on the Run for the Roses.

American Pharoah Odds On Kentucky Derby

Love for this horse is pouring in from almost all the prominent voices in the industry.  The key to this is how quickly the entire team improved upon this horse.  It lost its first race and adjustments were made.  The jockey learned what this beast could offer and it has decimated the competition.  No need to look any farther than the Arkansas Derby.  In a rare case of sportsmanship, the horse pulled up during the final stretch to not completely squash the field.  Not only is this horse’s ability is being considered but the detriments of those next in line to him in talent.

When or IF?

Carpe Diem makes a curious case anywhere from 7-1 to 10-1.  He is the first non Baffert trained horse in the order of odds.  The first question to be asked revolves around the talent.  Most think he has not come close to top form but the time to tinker is over.  The when might be replaced with If for the quantifier for this question.  This being Velazquez last Derby has the horse higher than he should be.  John can great great things from his steeds but does Carpe even have to give what is necessary to pull off the upset?

If it is close near the end, that last spurt could get Carpe Diem to close on the favorites and pull the upset.  Check in later this week at APEX horse betting as we look further down the field for any cash possibilities with long shot odds. Good fortune and get those bankrolls in shape at Amercia’s Bookie todday.