Best Racebook Pay Per Head

The best racebook pay per head services bring your sportsbook to the next level.

Key Points

– As a bookie, you can maximize your revenue by offering your bettors more options. You can also increase the size of your player sheet by attracting bettors that want more options.

– If you aren’t offering your players the opportunity to bet on horses, you need to consider it. 

Adding a racebook  to what you have to offer to bettors can take your operation to another level. Plus, it’s easier than you think.

Find the right pay per head service that offers racebook capabilities.


Horse Racing Betting Options

When choosing the best racebook pay per head, it really starts with two things. One, the PPH service needs to provide racebook options and two, it needs to offer plenty of horse racing betting options.

There are numerous tracks where horses will race so you want to choose a pay per head provider that offers the most races posted. This gives your bettors the opportunity to pick and choose which bets they want to make.

Best Racebook Pay Per Head

Most PPH services will offer straight bets like win, place, show, and trifecta. There are, however, many other bets that can be made on horses.Live betting is one of them. This allows bettors to wager as a race is happening. Do the research to find out if a pay per head company will allow you to offer such bets to your player sheet. 

The bottom line is that you want to offer as many horse racing betting options as possible. Choose the PPH that helps you do so.

Features & Benefits of the Best Racebook Pay Per Head

You choose the best racebook pay per head because of what the service can do for you. First off, you have checked that it offers as many horse racing betting options as possible. 

Next, you need to examine what other features are available and how they can benefit your operation. The first item to look at, besides the number of betting options, is the software platform itself.

The pay per head provider should offer a turnkey solution that you can simply plug into and be up and running quickly and smoothly. The software will provide a custom website and a mobile platform for your players.

Look Bigger Than You Are

The user experience has to be top-notch or players will go somewhere else where it is. Your package should include things like reporting so you can identify areas where you can improve and make greater profits.

Offering your players the ability for horse racing betting shows you’re one of the big boys. Even if you’re not.

The other big thing is customer service.

Your choice of PPH should offer you a 24/7 customer service call center fully staffed with experienced help. Preferably, that staff is multilingual as you may have customers from around the world. This element will free up massive amounts of time for you to focus on growing your operation.

Pricing Per Head

Another key element in your decision will be the price charged by the pay per head service. The industry standard is about $10 per head per week. You have to figure out if your operation can be profitable at certain price points.

Also, keep in mind that just because a PPH service charges less that doesn’t mean that its better. This is an industry where you get what you pay for.

The bottom line is to do the homework it takes to find the best fit. Then, you can make your choice of the best racebook for you and your business.