Betting the Ponies in 2021

Horse race betting is one of the most exciting wagers that a person can place. When looking at betting the ponies in 2021, it may seem like it’s all luck, but this isn’t the case.

There are strategies to set yourself up for success when you’re betting the ponies. Horse race betting doesn’t have to be hard. If you do a few things, you’ll see the frequency of your wins rise drastically.


Here are some tips if you’re looking at betting the ponies in 2021.

Do Your Research 

In 2021, COVID-19 is still impacting the world. This makes mobile horse race betting more prominent than ever. Sportsbooks are now marketing horse race betting because tracks are limiting attendance or have completely shut down.

Betting the ponies on your mobile device may not be as fun as if you were watching live. However, mobile horse race betting gives you more time to do your homework. 

You’ll be able to know advanced analytics on different horses through the sportsbook you’re utilizing. This process won’t have to be rushed in any capacity. 

When racing fields are set, you’ll know what ponies are running immediately. You’ll then be able to lock in your bets accordingly. 

Your betting can be thrown off at the track. The environment may take your mind off placing smart bets. Take advantage of mobile horse betting in 2021 by making educated bets.

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Make a Variety of Bets

If you pick the winning horse in a race, you’ll be rewarded with a solid payout. But it’s tough to consistently win on a straight-up bet in horse racing. There are numerous horses in every race, so a lot can go wrong for your pick. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t bet horses to win. I am just saying that you should place a variety of wagers. This could be the difference maker when you’re looking at betting the ponies in 2021.

Betting the Ponies in 2021

This increases your chances to win because you’re giving yourself increased opportunities. I’ll take consistent wins any day of the week on horse betting. This helps your confidence and your bank account.

My favorite wager type for the ponies are “place” bets. This means that a horse must finish in first or second place for you to win. The payout is slightly smaller than a “win” bet, but it drastically boosts your odds for success.

If you’ve ever thought about taking wagers on horse races, don’t be afraid to start an online racebook.

Utilize Multiple Sportsbooks to Shop Odds

In 2021, horse race betting will primarily take place in an online capacity. This helps because you’re able to shop odds. 

When you shop horse race betting odds, you’ll increase your winnings. If you do enough shopping over time, you’ll have a much greater pool of winnings. 

People that say shopping horse odds is not worth their time aren’t serious bettors. The goal when betting the ponies is to win money. Shopping odds is basically giving you free money, so don’t skip out on this opportunity.

There are websites dedicated to compiling all the odds from countless sportsbooks on horse racing. This makes the odd shopping process very easy. 

There is no excuse to not shop odds in 2021. If you take these three things into account, you’ll have a lot of success betting the ponies this year.

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