How Parimutuel Betting Works

Don’t know what parimutuel betting is? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s actually not too hard to understand. If you have ever bet on a horse race, you have engaged in this form of betting. By the time you finish this article, you should understand it fully. Key Points – Parimutuel betting is most popular

How Track Surface Impacts Horse Handicapping

Learn how track surface impacts horse handicapping. Key Points – Track surface is crucial to horse handicapping success. – Horse bettors must understand why track surface is so important. How Track Surface Impacts Horse Handicapping There are good chances that there will be both dirt races and turf races as you get into horse handicapping.

Making the Transition from Horse Betting to Sports Betting

How to make the transition from horse betting to sports betting. Key Points – Bettors begin to transition from horse betting to sports betting in the late summer. – Sports bettors make different wagers than horse bettors. Making the Transition from Horse Betting to Sports Betting Bets on sporting contests and events are placed with

Where to Find Daily Horse Track Odds

Where to find daily horse track odds. Key Points – Bettors looking for daily horse track odds should start by looking at offshore sportsbooks. – Offshore sportsbooks like HRWager and 1Vice offer a number of advantages for bettors searching for daily horse track odds. Where to Find Daily Horse Track Odds If you’re looking to

What are the Different Types of Horse Betting

There are many different types of horse betting. Let’s fill you in. Key Points – There are many more wagers available than just picking the winner when it comes to horse betting.  – Some horse bets cost as little as $0.10 and have been known to have some pretty large payouts. Different Types of Horse

Bet the Kentucky Derby Now

Don’t wait, you can bet the Kentucky Derby now! Key Points – Horse bettors do not have to wait until the day of the Kentucky Derby in order to place bets on the race. – Triple Crown of Horse Racing bettors can bet Kentucky Derby futures, getting fixed odds, just like betting futures in other

Top Horses to Win 2022 Triple Crown

The 2022 Triple Crown of Horse Racing is right around the corner. Key Points – The race for the 2022 Triple Crown begins with the May 7 running of the annual Kentucky Derby. – There is no clear favorite to win this year’s Triple Crown, but a handful of horses could emerge if they can

Horse Racing 101 – Betting Tips, Strategies & Major 2022 Dates

We’re starting today’s course, Horse Racing 101. If you are new to horse racing or are looking to understand more about the beautiful game. Look no further than our betting tips, tricks, and strategies on how to win at horse racing. This article will not cover all betting types in horse racing, but it will

Betting the Ponies in 2021

Horse race betting is one of the most exciting wagers that a person can place. When looking at betting the ponies in 2021, it may seem like it’s all luck, but this isn’t the case. There are strategies to set yourself up for success when you’re betting the ponies. Horse race betting doesn’t have to

How to Start an Online Racebook

While trying to start an online racebook may sound complicated on a surface level, it is really very simple. In today’s world, this is easily completed with the right pay per head (PPH) service. Creating an online racebook is accessible and straightforward for anyone willing to try. With an online racebook, a business owner has