Contribute to the Up Tick in our Sport

A horse has been front and center in the boosts seen at tracks all over the country.  Now it is our turn to give back to an industry that has been profitable and entertaining for us.  Read on as APEX Horse Betting breaks down this topic for us all.

Light in the Darkness

Moths to flame and crowds to crashes,  most people are attracted to those that shine the brightest.  In our sport, this would mean our Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah.  Excellence brings out and has the chance to retain the casual fan.  That is the key to the growth in our industry.  With probably only two races left, the Travelers Stakes should shine in front of a nationally televised audience.  Even tracks that have live racing at or near the same time will stop what they are doing to put up on their big screen this race.  All around the nation, live venues are gearing up for a late night from the influx of customers to the track.

On the Coat Tails

Each event of the Triple Crown will have their day in the Sun and bring in near the customary legion of fans.  What we are talking about is the growth of all the events and midling stops before, during, and after the Big Three.  Monmouth drew over 60000 people to see American Pharoah show some spirit when things did not exactly go for him.  The numbers game seeks to expand their near three million every week fans and make inroads into the twenty million that migrate away from the larger events.

We will mourn when AP goes out to stud.  His effect on these last few months has brought in a near Golden Age that the sport desperately needed.  Niche to mainstream should be every fans effort.  Court those corny questions.  Look up from your laptops. Explain when someone poses a simple question.  We all have a stake in this as our profitability can grow from this proactive step.  Good fortune in your wagering events today and we will see you next time here at APEX Horse Betting.