Dominoes in Place to Fall for Triple Crown Winner

Move over Affirmed as it looks like your place in history will be usurped.  A new member of the Triple Crown club should be coming home soon.  The Belmont is all that separates the favorite American Pharoah from his place on Olympus.  Read on at Apex Horse Betting on why we are so confident of this chicken coming home to roost with our money.

History Lesson

Espinoza has learned from the past and in one short year will not make the same mistake. He did not run a good race atop of California Chrome last year.  The horse was tired and the jockey could not detect it.  When he tried to drop the hammer and get that last kick of his, only then did he find out the fuel gauge was near empty.  The strategy will be better this time with American Pharoah.

Eight is Not Enough

Want evidence that the industry craves a Triple Crown winner?  All you have to do is look at the amount of entrants for this years race.  Eight in total means that the favorite will not get stuck nor pinned down.  By having the ability to run his own race, that kick can be delivered better at the end.  There is no armada of fresh horses to set a blitzkreig pace to start off and keep it going when the leader falters.  Expect a slow time for this one.

The five spot means clear sailing for Ap without having to be too far out.  It is a good post position.  With all these cards in your hand, the odds went down from 2 to 5 from 3 to 5.  He is getting this kind of wagering heat because no other horse poses a threat.  Sure Frosted may roll to the show position but the length of the Belmont is too long for a horse that had problems with the length of the Kentucky Derby.  Wager smartly and parlay American Pharoah to win with your normal wagers this evening.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at Apex Horse Betting.