Early Numbers for the $1.25 Million Charles Town Classic 4/22

Oddsmakers have tried to peg the anticipated action with the early numbers for the $1.25 million Charles Town Classic that is happening on Saturday, the 23rd of April.  Racing fans are flocking to West Virginia to be part of the action.  Fortunately for the rest of us, we can enjoy from other venues including the comfort of our own home.  So sit back with APEX Horse Betting as we deliver this preview with some free picks to profit by so one can rail home a winner.

Early Numbers : Recent Race

Short on history but deep pockets overcome that in this race.  Seven years but with plump prizes has attracted quality horses in the past.  I remember back in 2013 seeing and winning on Game On Due.  This year’s event does not have that one super talented horse and this is to our advantage.  Several solid horses give more than a few candidates that can take the top prize.  It will be a battle in the betting pool which means better odds for us.  A special note, for those that down under stand the betting pool reference and the term parimutuel, we have prepared a section that explains where do the numbers come from to bring you up to speed.

4/23 12:45PM Card Start

Lots of action to be had on a 13 race card that has seven stakes.  Races start at 12:45 EST for race fans.  What has the eyes of the racing nation focused here?  Richest one race outside of the Breeders Cup or Triple Crown is happening here.  So let us look at some of the horses that we favor coming into this one.

  • Really have to know the home town horse and his practical chances.  Charitable Annuity has had his 12 races here in which he has won seven of them.  However, none were anywhere near the talent of this one.  The 20-1 is a result of the homers betting him down a little for that local longshot angle.  Odds should be more like 30-1 so this has no long shot potential for us.
  • The favorite as of press time is at 3-1 so this is a wide open affair.  It is Donworth.  People new to the scene almost dropped their forms seeing his most recent result as a seventh.  This occurred because of a very bad stumble in his last race.  Solution would be to have him try and stay up early in the pace.  3-1 for a horse that could react badly being put back in the racing environment after that experience is too little to return at 3-1.

It breaks our heart to not be able to trust in Donworth.  A horse of good talent who is aging nicely.  We have Free Picks for a favorite and a long shot variety for you.  La Macchina is 15-1 but this is an all or nothing horse.  He could pull of miracles and win the thing or tank seven out of eight times here.  If you have deep pockets, the 15-1 has value in the long term but high fluctuation with this one.  Stanford at 9-2 is the best you have outside of Donworth.  Very consistent and should be one for probably a show wager and in exacta considerations.  Good fortune in Saturday’s big race and we will see you next time here at APEX Horse Racing.