Equalized Field for the Japan Cup on the 29th

Eighteen horse will meet in the 2015 edition of the Japan Cup.  At one time, foreign horses held dominion in this race but those days are long over.  Now the organizing bodies have to set up bonuses for horses that came from overseas and place in the top three.  This year we will see an equalization in the field.  Follow us at APEX Horse Betting as we investigate what has caused this.


Thirty four years of being dominant might be at an end.  Injuries have plagued the star horses in Japan.  That coupled with retirements have left this field the weakest it has been in decades.  Looking over the list, not one domestic name pops out as the true star of the field.  Now Alkaased could be the first foreign horse to take the Japan Cup since 2005.

Look for Erupt

Good odds for this Irish horse because it got a fifth the last time out.  Other than that, it has won every race it was in.  The reason for his shortcoming is simple.  Soft turf caused havoc with the horse and hindered his ability to just run.  He will not have to worry about this in the Japan Cup.  It has not rained on the track since the 25th and is projected to be firm for race time.

Finally, Ito from Germany is worth a look.  He likes to run fast and with the quick starts in Japanese racing, he should be at home with the style of race won.  Look to wager on this race and go with either of our foreign horses to win or show.  Good fortune and we will report back after the 29th to see you how our picks did.