Evangeline Downs Cleaned Up

In the depths of Louisana, one of the worst actions that threatens the health of horse racing occurred.  Three jockeys felt the full weight of the authorities amid allegations of race fixing.  Two brothers and a third associate were charged with cheating, swindling, and a willful pulling of the reins.  What is the prediction of their future, and the small southern track where this occured.

Kudos for Decisive Action

Actions that increase the integrity of our sport should be applauded even if there is short term damage.  What galls bettors, fans, and animal lovers is that the Patins have also been charged with using a buzzer.  This jolt of electricity is cruel, provides a competitive edge, and has no place in horse racing.  Now for the main charges.  All three were involved in a race on June 19th.  The dominant favorite stormed to a seventeen length favorite.  Now one of the accused was at the helm of the second favorite which finished third.  The allegation is that he allowed the horse to finish second ahead of him was the largest underdog in the field.


Through beards and other action, the exotics involving the second place horse had an unusual amount of action for a horse that long on the odds.  This was done to maximize their own winnings.  Many legitimate bets bit the dust due to this conspiracy.

With the viewership and wagering down in our sport, actions like this increase the pace of erosion in horse racing.  The small track will have one long haul to rehabilitate their image.  APEX Horse Betting applauds bringing these people to justice.  Talent and not conspiracy should determine the order of finish.  .  Good fortune to all of us in the races ahead next week.