Get a 6% Racebook Rebate at 1Vice

You can get a 6% racebook rebate at 1Vice.

Key Points

– 1Vice attracts new bettors with its 6% racebook rebate program.

– Bettors get the best of both worlds with outstanding sports betting odds and a 6% racebook rebate program.

Get a 6% Racebook Rebate at 1Vice

Horse racing is commonly known as The Sport of Kings. Perhaps one of the oldest betting events is horse racing. 

1Vice has a sizable online racebook where players can bet on both the big game and the daily race card at their favorite track.With one betting account, bettors have access to a wealth of bets throughout the sports world.

What they also get from 1Vice is a 6% racebook rebate. Online betting sites like 1Vice continue to stand out from others with their mix of sports betting and horses. Bettors can wager on both from one location.

Why Bet Horses at 1Vice

An online racebook essentially replicates a day at the track or an off-track betting facility without the inconvenience and extra expense of travel. Horse bettors can easily access any racetrack with a live daily card from the convenience and comfort of their home computer or mobile device.

Given that there are more than 70 tracks in North America, there are always races to choose from. Access to live cards at tracks in popular horse racing nations like the UK, France, Australia, Japan, and Dubai is also available through the racebook at 1Vice.


Get 6% Racebook Rebate, Win or Lose

On all eligible horse bets – including win, place, show, and exotics – all customers are eligible to receive a cash back payment that is credited each day. The rebate comes regardless of the outcome of the bets.

A rebate on a horse race is a bonus you receive whether your wagers win or lose. The rebate for horse racing varies in size depending on the track and the type of wager, but it can reach 6%. 

The horse racing rebate program at 1Vice offers players rebates every single day. That is something that is not found throughout the industry. It’s a big reason why more bettors are choosing 1Vice.

The Fundamentals of Horse Betting

When you choose 1Vice as your go-to sportsbook, it pays to know the fundamentals of horse betting. You will find daily track odds and the same betting options that you would at a track. That means bets like Pick 3 and Pick 4 are available.

Placing a real wager on a horse race has never been simpler. Using the 1Vice app, bettors pick a track first. 

The choice of a race and the type of wager come next. The standard Win-Place-Show options as well as exotic bets like the exacta and trifecta are available on the online menu. Additionally, players have the choice to box these bets.

The last step is to choose how much you wish to wager. Most tracks have a $2 minimum bet. Again, this will depend upon the track as well as the type of bet. 

Along with the jockey and the live track odds, the betting form also includes the name and starting position of each horse. The final step in the process is to confirm the wager before it is actually placed.

Complement Your Betting Strategy

Horse racing betting is a great way to complement any betting strategy. It fills in the natural gaps in the sports betting calendar and allows you to diversify your overall strategy.

Horse racing at renowned tracks like Saratoga on the East Coast and Del Mar on the West Coast is in full swing in the summer. Bettors will find exciting daily cards and major graded events when the dog days of summer arrive. With MLB games as the only significant betting option on the sportsbook board, horse racing provides another alternative.

1Vice bettors can use their 6% racebook rebate to help them hedge against other daily bets. For instance, you can use the sportsbook’s head-to-head betting as a hedge while using the racebook’s exacta boxes to wager on the Kentucky Derby’s top two horses.

If you lose a couple NBA playoff bets, you can make up for it with a few races at any number of tracks throughout the US or the world.

Today, there are many different ways to wager on horse racing. The best method is still to play at an online offshore sportsbook like 1Vice.

1Vice gives bettors an extra 6% racebook rebate and boosts the value of the bettor’s overall betting experience.