How to Start an Online Racebook

While trying to start an online racebook may sound complicated on a surface level, it is really very simple. In today’s world, this is easily completed with the right pay per head (PPH) service. Creating an online racebook is accessible and straightforward for anyone willing to try.

With an online racebook, a business owner has one major initial decision. If you want to start a racebook, you’ll need to use a quality PPH for success. Doing so can make or break your business because PPH’s do almost everything for your racebook.

RDG Corp: The Original Sports Betting Software Expert
RDG Corp: The Original Sports Betting Software Expert


Some of the best PPH services that you can buy are Real Bookie and RDG Corp. These two brands are well-known for creating successful racebooks. 

What’s a Racebook PPH?

PPH stands for pay per head. If you hired a PPH for a racebook, you would pay the company a set fee per head. Prices vary amongst PPH, but they’re necessary for long term profits.

This is because PPH services basically do everything for a racebook except handle payments. It is critical to choose the right company to support your desires to grow rapidly. 

Once you hire a PPH for your racebook, you’ll be on your way to a great business. Because choosing the right PPH is a massive decision, we’ve created this guide for what you need to look for in a racebook PPH.


Support: Start an Online Racebook

As a bookie, you know how vital customer service is for business growth. You must handle all issues that arise with clients to keep them coming back to your website. It’s no surprise racebooks with the best customer service are the highest rated. 

Real Bookie and RDG Corp are at the top of the list. If you go with one of these books, you’ll have no concerns with support. There has never been a better time to start an online racebook.

PPH services are the software behind a racebook. In the rare instance an issue occurs that is beyond your control, you will want to be able to get in touch with your PPH provider 24/7 so you can solve problems and keep your clients happy. 

Tons of Races Per Day to Bet

Bettors want infinite ways to make money, especially when betting on horses. You’ll want a quality horse racing pay per head that gives multiple betting options.

Horse racing isn’t like mainstream sports. Mainstream sports are on nonstop. If you’re looking for a racebook PPH, you’ll want this same betting ability for your clients on racing.

Real Bookie and RDG Corp keep bettors on your site when it comes to racing. They have endless betting options and tons of lines available for horses. They utilize races all over the world and give bettors the ability to wager on more than horses.

Diversity in betting options is a formula for success when it comes to a PPH racebook.

Fair Pricing

You’ll pay a racebook PPH from the number of people who have an account on your website. When choosing a PPH, you want a PPH that gives you transparent pricing.

Prices can vary depending on the features you’d like, but you’ll want clear statements to avoid any hidden fees some PPH businesses may try to sneak into your bill. With the help of the right pay per head, it’s very easy to become a bookie.

A great PPH may be more expensive, but the added cost will be worth it because it will bring success when you start an online racebook. Real Bookie and RDG Corp are two of the most transparent PPH that you can buy.