Kentucky Derby Top Three Prop to Pound

One of the reasons horse racing is as popular as it is revolves around the variety of bets.  You can wager from the stone cold solid to the you only twice once wagers.  Combinations that perplex the mind and need machines to calculate the payouts are the norm once you get to the Kentucky Derby.  Think Wes Walker getting over paid last year and even the professionals can not calculate all the permutations.  So let us look at some Derby Notes and our Free Pick of the Day.

Real Drinks

Drinking at the Derby might hit new heights as real Mint Juleps make their return after almost two decades.  Corporate sponsorships played havoc with the main ingredient.  It should be bourbon but instead was whiskey.  The bone of contention lay in the fact of the barrels that it was aged in.  Bourbon requires new barrels and they were using a liquor that had been stored in used vessels.  This made it a whiskey and drink aficionados shake their heads while imbibing.

Untapped Potential

Talent that does not come through saddens the souls of sports handicappers.  With regal beasts like horses, our heart breaks as the jockey finds ways to not get the maximum out of his ride.  Carpe Diem is the horse that fits this bill at the Derby.  It has fallen flat of the projections given to this animal.  The sore point is the kick that he has at the end of the race.  With the length of the Derby, it will have enough in the tank if the jockey can find the switch to flick today.

On the biggest stage, the favorites like American Pharoah quite often flounder.  While we are uncertain whether Bob’s horse will win, we do have a strong play for today.  A top three wager gives you enough space to be right without having to be exact.  Carpe Diem top three comes in at +240.  Good fortune for us all and get those wagers in now at the racebook at America’s Bookie.