Last Look at 2016 Belmont

Down the stretch has some final factors in our last look at the 2016 Belmont.  The favorite has fallen from grace with us for a factor that is not his fault.  Combine that with historical trends and this is really a wide open race.  Profit can pour down if your instincts prove correct.  Join us with the Bet33 Racebook as we look at whom to rail for this Saturday’s Final Leg of the Triple Crown.

2016 Belmont : Bet33 Racebook

When the whole world market pegs Exaggerator as the favorite, there is great value in the race.  Horse is overrated for the price that he will go off at.  He won the second leg of the Triple Crown under the very best conditions for him and the worst for the others in the field.  Now he takes to this longer course facing intangibles that are substantial.  His jockey is just out of rehab after partying a tad to hard after the Preakness.  Exaggerator is facing historical trends that do not favor horses that have run all three legs.  This year only he and Lani will have done so.  Besides the great American Pharoah, last chalk favorite to win this was back in 2005.  Now is the time to explore all the options of the Bet33 racebook, load the account, and pounce for profit.

1.5 Miles

The distance is the make or break factor for the glut of horses in the second tier of odds.  Stradivari is near 6-1 but is a speed demon.  Horse is very competitive in spirit and will not back down.  Result is an empty gas tank near the end.  Instead opt for a ride that is learning how to race well.  Cherry Wine has gained experience and has steadily rose up the ranks in results.  Better odds for us and a good pick for exactas to rain profit from the heavens at the Belmont.

Big day with mostly rested horses.  The length makes it much more strategical.  Experience and horse sense will rule the day.  Embrace Cherry Wine at Bet33’s racebook for high profit potential this Saturday.  Enjoy the festivities and we will see you next time to recap here at APEX Horse Betting.