Making the Transition from Horse Betting to Sports Betting

How to make the transition from horse betting to sports betting.

Key Points

– Bettors begin to transition from horse betting to sports betting in the late summer.

– Sports bettors make different wagers than horse bettors.

Making the Transition from Horse Betting to Sports Betting

Bets on sporting contests and events are placed with the intention of achieving a profit. The betting markets will provide you with the lines or odds. The leagues will provide you with the games or events to wager on. 

You will learn how to read the betting lines or odds for any sporting event, from the Super Bowl of the National Football League to a clash in Division III college basketball .

When betting on horses, the goal is to come out on top on the daily race card. The races are determined by the horses, and the odds that you face are determined by the betting market. The betting markets should also provide the means by which one can wager on horse races. Horse bettors should know the absolute basics of horse betting.

Horse Betting – Win, Place, or Show

When betting on a single horse, you have the option of choosing between the win, place, or show position. The position that allows you to win the most money is the win position, of course.

The place and show positions allow you to win at least some percentage of the race card. The most common wager is placed on the favorites, but the longshots are the horses that draw the most attention.

Longshots come with plus-money odds and the opportunity to win big. Even longshots to place and show have the opportunity to pay out big winnings. 


Choosing Horses

You are choosing the outcome of the race when you select a single horse to win, place, orshow in the competition. The odds are always in favor of the favorite to win the race. The natural thing to do would be for you to wager on the favorite to win. That occurs often, especially among more novice horse bettors.

The challenger also has a shot at winning the race if they can get a break in the right direction. They offer odds that indicate there is value in betting in this manner. The contender, on the other hand, is not the front-runner, therefore you have the option of placing them in second or third place among your selections. You can still receive a nice payout if your horse finishes second or third.

When looking at the list in more detail, it becomes clear that a longshot needs numerous breaks to win. They may possibly come in second or third, which would add an excellent return to their performance.

Exacta and Trifectas

Bets on exactas and trifectas can be placed after selecting a group of horses to compete. The exacta wager selects two horses to finish first and second. 

The trifecta bet adds the third-place finisher. To successfully pick either the first two or three horses to finish in the money demands a high level of ability. Luck is also a component of the plan. A successful exacta or trifecta can pay out at extremely favorable odds.

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The horse handicapper will almost always have the three favorites ranked in the order of first, second, and third most of the time. The choice between running an exacta and a trifecta in the order will be the most important detail.

Bettors can also pick the top two (exacta) or three (trifecta) horses and box the results. This takes out the order of finish. As long as all the horses are in the top two or three, the bet is a winner.

Bettors can liven things up every once in a while by inserting a longshot into the order of first, second, or third place. The odds will reflect it too. 

Daily Double, Pick Three, and Pick 4

The Daily Double, Pick 3, and Pick 4 are three more different wagering options available to you in horse betting. 

When betting on the Daily Double, the first and second races are typically switched around. On the other hand, the Daily Double is a multi-race wager that could appear anywhere on the card. As the name suggests, it involves two races.

It is possible for the Daily Double, Pick 3, and Pick 4 to occur in successive races throughout the course of the daily card. All three bets offer very favorable odds. They are harder to hit though.

The Transition

Usually in the late summer to early fall, horse betting takes a backseat to sports betting. The beginning of the college and pro football seasons takes bettors attention away from the tracks. 

MLB is still going on and heading closer to its playoffs at the same time. The mix of NFL, NCAAF, and MLB betting is a much bigger draw for the average sports bettor. 

Once the Triple Crown ends with the running of the Belmont Stakes in June, many horse bettors shift gears. While horse betting continues at racebooks, bettors begin to shift their thinking back toward the more popular sports. 

When the calendar changes again, it’s back to horse racing. Horse bettors should know how to pick an online racebook