Mission Brief is a Name to Remember in Harness Racing

People that swing for the fences are always welcome in the world of horse racing. The excitement of the track is conducive with the attitude of either going home empty handed or with wads of cash.  This is because of the take that the tracks and everyone else leaches onto your winnings.  It has made it a hard task for the casual or conservative bettor to beat.  However, the solution presents itself with offshore establishments like America’s Bookie.  They have that easy to navigate online racebook that not only pays great odds but saves you the gas and time from going to the racetrack or seedy off track betting joint.  Here at Apexhorsebetting, we will provide horses to follow, opportunities to profit from, and world wide news from the industry.

Harness Racing Name to Remember for Future Profit

We are always on the lookout for value and the horses that give it to us.  Rumblings, whispers, and rumors have been circulating about a certain two year old filly.  How much is hype and what is really anchored in reality?  We got our answer when Mission Brief raced in the Breeders Crown.  Essentially this is the Breeders Cup for harness racing.  For the $500,000 race, this filly stormed out and never looked back.  4 3/4 lengths was the final mark of victory and truth be told, she let up a little at the end.  The back stretch was beautiful.  We are going to track this filly and highlight whatever big races she has in her future.  We will then alert you to prime wagering chances.  As long as it maintains her health, then this is our profit reaping machine for the time to come.

Harnes Racing Americas Bookie

Animal Remedies is Still Cheating

The spin that some take to circumvent the rules to gain any edge.  Across the pond, Philip Fenton was investigated by Ireland’s regulatory commission and slapped with a three year ban. The legal courts got involved for him being caught with steroids and other drugs.  The Department of Agriculture over there lead the charge.  He was caught with a kilo of Nitrotain.  In this quantity, it was good to juice over 250 horses.  This was no light weight action and why the penalty had to send a message that they are serious about taking away livelihoods of those who risk quality horses like this.

So stay warm racing fans in the upper norther United States.  With the comfort of your home, you can follow the races and profit from your superior knowledge with America’s Bookie.  Stay tuned next week as we will examine some popular venues and upcoming races to wager upon.