Nyquist Illness Has Him Missing the Belmont Stakes

The Nyquist illness that has seen him withdraw from the Belmont Stakes is a mystery to the public.  Ownership of the Kentucky Derby winner did not go into the exact nature of the ailment that will keep him out of the last leg of the Triple Crown.  Good afternoon APEX Horse Betting fans.  We will provide as much information that is out there about Nyquist and what this will mean for the Belmont that is coming up quickly on June 11th.

Nyquist Illness and Horse Health

Bloodwork cam back with an elevated white blood cell count.  This combined with a fever would tax the horse greatly in the short turnaround time since his lone defeat.  In fact, did one know that two horses died at Pimlico when the Preakness was ran?  Ownership did not prolong the decision making progress or take the risk of taking the horse on the road to New York. It is the right thing to do for our industry.  No one wants to risk a winner of the Kentucky Derby like that.  Applause for this correct choice.

Back Up Plan is Sportsbook Bonuses

This is why we explore the options of sportsbook bonuses like those described at TheStreetBetting.com. Now we have to do a lot of work on capping Exaggerator as the dominant favorite for the third race.  A month of triple crown experience has an added degree of fluctuation that a bonus from America’s Bookie can take the sting out of.  Without Nyquist, even Exactas are going to be a lot more up in the air.  Let us look at some of the odds right now.

  • Exaggerator near 7/5
  • Sudden Breakingnews 5/1
  • Cherry Wine 7 to 1
  • Destin 8-1
  • Stradivari 8/1

After the favorite, there is a glut of horses even for second that have elevated odds.  For those that have a feel for the race, there is a great potential for profit to be made here.  Now is the time to invest at America’s Bookie and get a free play as a reward.  Use it to leverage some of your action and emerge from the Belmont with more winning chances.  Good fortune this weekend and we will have our official Belmont preview next time here at APEX Horse Betting.