Preakness Preview Part One 5/13

Good afternoon horse racing fans as the second leg of the Triple Crown is almost upon us.  In less that eight days, the world will know if we have another Triple Crown aspirant heading to the Belmont.  On the 21st of May, the Preakness will be here for our wagering pleasure.  Nyquist will most certainly be there but not everyone will from the first field will make it here.  Find out why and what consideration we are waiting for this Wednesday for us to make our wagering recommendations here at APEX Horse Betting.

Preakness Preview : Rested Field

Part of the tradition of the Belmont will play out here in the second leg.  The industry used to conspire together to make the third leg of the Triple Crown as tough as it can be.  To that effect, key challengers would be held out of this race to be all rested up for the final leg.  This is what caught up California Chrome two years ago.  Watch as the impassioned owner revealed the industry’s conspiracy in a legendary rant about the situation.

So not everyone will race here which will give the favorite, Nyquist, a slightly larger edge than at the Derby. Thank you to SportsNetwork for posting this on Youtube

Money Management and Post Position

Two key factors remain to get you in prime position for the Preakness.  First is that you have good money management with your online sportsbook account.  High Street Betting said it well with their article about money management in your sports investment aspirations.  Once you have what you want to bet settled then you have to decide who to bet it on.  The other important factor is what position your horse draws.  Even a champion like Nyquist could get bogged down if it draws one of the most inner slots.  An ability to run free or navigate traffic well can catapult or plummet a horse in the final standings.

So we wait until Wednesday to start locking in on our racing investment.  In the meantime, getting your accounts at America’s Bookie and other offshore locations up to snuff is so important.  Do not let the fact that you are not liquid enough to get it in good damper your profit potential.  There is a lot of money to be won in wagering sports that is lost just by not being able to make the big moves. Deposit at America’s Bookie this week so when that moment comes, you can strike the iron when it is the hottest.  Good fortune this week and we will have our free picks for profit by for the Preakness next week here at APEX Horse Betting.