Profiting From the Arkansas Derby 4/16

For nearly 15 years, the Arkansas Derby has been an indicator of events to come in high profile events like the Kentucky Derby.  American Pharoah won here last year in a time that was the fastest since Sir Cherokee blitzed the field way back in 2013.  This is the last qualifying race for the Kentucky Derby.  A mad scramble for points over the 1 1/8 mile at Oaklawn Park this Saturday.  Join us at APEX Horse Betting as we bring you our predictions to profit by for this pivotal race on April 16th.

Rebel Stakes Predictor

For those that availed themselves of our what do the wagers mean article, the Rebel Stakes is an excellent predictor for a win or place finish in the Arkansas Derby.  Seven times in since 2000, the winner at Rebel finished first or second here.  Cupid won the earlier race so will he dominate here? This horse is listed in the neighborhood of 2/1.  This will be a clear omen if the horse can adapt to adversity.  Getting an outside post will illuminate the skill set that Bob Baffert thinks he has here.  Will the horse start strong to avoid pack racing or are they confident in the horse’s ability to weave out of traffic?  While every stable dreams of their horse crushing fields, this should be more instructional than all our running.  Place wager is much safer than win as the price is not enough to warrant betting on first place alone.

No More Seconds

People seem to like the ability of Whitmore but question his ability or even desire to close out the race.  Seconds at many high profile races fuel this speculation.  His price at 9/2 does not accurately portray how close he and Cupid are.  Yes, Cupid won in the last race by 1 1/2 lengths but the trainer has the horse in the best position to win here.  The loss at the Rebel was due to the Cupid being too good on the front end.  Less worry of this happening here.  Excellent underdog value at 9/2 for this horse to win it all here.

In raceboooks like the one at Americas Bookie, the track you look up once again is Oakpark Lawn.  Race #11 is our Arkansas Derby.  Catch the event online and rail your investments to victory.  Watch Cupid to see how he handles an outside post.  Will Whitmore get over all the second places to win it all for us?  We will review this and more next time we speak here at APEX Horse Betting.