Punch that Ticket

A tongue in cheek survey came out asking people what was the most common thing that winners at the track did.  All the observant ones replied right away that they bought a ticket.  Yes, one can not profit from superior knowledge or logic unless you pony up the funds to do so.  Not every angle of speculation will prove to be successful but being inert will never get you prize.  Today we will look at the three types of horse bettors that roam the virtual racebooks at America’s Bookie.

Sure Thing Sam

Here we have a man who has knowledge and the willingness to wager.  What works against him is that he is risk adverse.  While this serves him well, he is frustrated that his rate of return is not more.  Often the offers will end before they pull the final trigger to commit.  He is profitable and miserable both at the same time.  A little impulsiveness will not harm him because of his superior instincts.  It will get him the profit he needs and the satisfaction to make it enjoyable once again.

Frank Sinatra 

Not “Spreading the News” but more of “I did it my way!” is the mindset of this gambler.  Omens inhabit every chance encounter.  Names have appeal depending on the vowel pattern in it.  We have all met these people who attempt to see fate in the other worldly.  While they are entertaining to hang around, one does not wish to  emulate their “distinctive” style.

Non-Articulate Al

If there is ever a player you want to tail, it would be this man.  He has the graphs, charts, and math on his side.  It is logical and based on the best guess available.  Pressed to explain, most of the time he can not.  It is akin to asking an artist how he did a certain painting. It flowed and was created out of a firm foundation of skills.  Hang around them, you will profit, and perhaps some of it will rub off on you.

Next time, we will look at how to break down what Al does.  Our goal here at APEX Horse Betting is to produce winners and educate the public.  Come back next time as we go together to get these goals accomplished.