Racing Industry Tries to Cut off Nose to Spite Face

Almost everyone is in agreement that horse racing needs new infusions of cash to continue growth.  A once in a lifetime opportunity presented itself in American Pharoah and his winning of the Triple Crown.  Now with wagering in the public eye, it is time for a united front instead of appearing to be divided.  This is what makes the odd move of trying to pry offshore wagering books from horse racing.  Find out their reasoning and how gaining a few pennies will cost them a great many potential dollars in the future.

British Horseracing Authority

Without getting all the major players in agreement, the BHA and two major tracks have announced their intent to shut out bookmakers that do not pay into their pockets.  Problem is that a lot of tracks in the area do not fall under the dominion of Arena Racing nor Jockey Club Racecourses.  Premium locations like Asccot, Newbury, and York would not benefit from this so why would they not accept sponsorships from rouge British Books.  We are not talking small outfits but ones like SkyBet, Boyle, and Paddy Power.  Without a untied front, this effort will not gain much and cause only confusion among new racing forms.

Confusion on Prognostication

Here is where the BHA says that it is willing to sacrifice the short term for long haul growth but this is not the case.  Now is when the harvest should be reaped.  At no other future point of time in the next few years will the growth potential of our sport be this great.  We should be in a new golden era.  Instead of the last few seasons, they opt to do this with the Triple Crown Winner still fresh in our thoughts.


This is why a free market like the US horse racing environment flourishes.  Make avail and translate your talent into cash at the America’s Bookie racebook today.