Learn From Legendary Belmont Rant

  Belmont betting will be fast and furious based on this speculation.  Is American Pharoah so much better that he can overcome rested opponents?  It is the secret that has been hushed for a long time at the third leg of the triple crown.  Join Apex Horse Betting as we look at this race and

Kentucky Derby Top Three Prop to Pound

One of the reasons horse racing is as popular as it is revolves around the variety of bets.  You can wager from the stone cold solid to the you only twice once wagers.  Combinations that perplex the mind and need machines to calculate the payouts are the norm once you get to the Kentucky Derby.

Ah The First Saturday of May

Will Baffert be walking like an Egyptian come next Saturday?  Not only does he have the overwhelming favorite to win but his second horse might be the choice to triumph should the first not be able to go.  This is the state of affairs as the first Saturday of May rolls around.  Apex Horse Betting