Top Billing Returning for his Four Year Old Season

Horses race at such speed that injuries occur due to the phenomenal amount of stress placed on their bodies.  The animals do not need items cruelly applied to get them to race faster.  Today on Apex Horse betting, we will look at one horse’s return to racing after a dramatic injury shelved it for the remainder of the three year old racing season.  In other news, we have Roman Chapa.  Who is he and how does he have a job after what he puts his beasts through.  All of this in the following edition of Apex Horse Betting.

Cracked Bone

Injuries to horses during races cause me to cringe but its the maladies that occur in the workouts that really tug at my heart strings.  Combine that with a steed that can really accomplish something, and the horse racing world felt it lost something.  That was the sentiment behind Top Billing when a front cannon bone cracked after a workout early in the season.  The Fountain of Youth was only the third start of the year in Gulfstream.  It was also the stakes debut.  The horse missed the rest of his three year old season.  Now rumor has it that he has come all the way back to revisit GulfStream Park as a four year old.  The pronouncement that he is ready to run has caused a stir to see what he can accomplish after such a trauma.

Wild World of Jockeys

Ever since seeing that some jockeys eat a single peanut as their meal to maintain weight and I have grown pretty tolerant of their mischief.  Good natured fun is one thing but a certain jockey seems to have a mean streak in him.  Roman Chapa was riding Quiet Acceleration when the horse made a move that none are really capable of.  It found a gear that could not be attained from an animal not under duress.  Come to find out that he was shocking the animal with electricity in mid race.  This from a man who was $100 for hitting a horse in the face.  He has also whipped a dog with a strap and used a nail to hurt his horse to race better.  While he faces criminal charges, even if he loses his ability to race that it is only a local ban.  Packs his bags and goes to the next jurisdiction over to continue to ply his trade.  Here is to hoping that this loophole gets closed in his case.