Weight Allowances for Female Jockeys?

An odd relationship occurs between the genders in horse racing.  Our sport is one of the few where both the ladies and the men can race on equal footing.  Or can they?   In this issue of APEX Horse Betting, we are going to examine why the discussion is being brought forth to give women jockeys an edge to keep them competitive. Let us jump right on into the discussion right now here at the APEX.

Look at the Horses

Female horses are given an advantage when racing against their male counterparts.  They are allowed to carry less weight to equalize perceived differences.  This was the launching point for giving the lady jockeys a similar boost.  This sparked outrage (from the more successful lady riders) to applause that this would create more opportunities and inroads into the sport.

Is it Needed?

Look at the land down under for the latest triumph by a female jockey.  A brilliant race was ran by the Prince of Penzance.  The Melbourne Cup saw Frankie Dettori deliver this 100-1 shot in for the win to the delight of crowds and bettors everywhere.  So do we need to weigh down the males more or lighten the load for the ladies for the sake of perceived competition?

This will not eliminate the gender bias in the sport.  If strength were the only attribute for success then this would be a formula for success.  Alas experience, feel, and other traits are necessary to get to the top of our sport.  Yes women need to have doors opened up but not at the expense of weighting down the men who blazed a path in our sport.